Terms and Conditions

June 22, 2017

Please review our terms and conditions carefully. It contains important informations about the agreements between Dahab Divers and the customer.

About Dahab Divers?

Dahab Divers is a tourist company according to the law of the Ministry of Tourism of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company owns a hotel building and annexes, another building called "Moses House" and a Dive Center working according to the rules of the Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS).

1. Validity and terms

1.1 Dahab Divers' website www.dahabdivers.com (called "website") informs the customers about the company and offers several kinds of booking.

1.2 Dahab Divers offers accomodation and diving activities and arranges tourist services and agreements on behalf of local tourist companies. Booking tourist services results in an agreement only about the arrangement and not about the tourist services itself. Such services are for example camel trips to the desert oder trips to other places, which are not managed by Dahab Divers itself.

1.3 The website offers are not obligatory. The customer may use the PDF booking form or the contact form to deliver his booking inquiry. The customer is bound by the contract offer for a maximum of 7 days. Within this period Dahab Divers will either accept the booking or wil offer another suggestion to the customer, which the customer can accept within a certain period of days. With the booking confirmation or the acceptance of the voucher that Dahab Divers has sent back to the customer, the customer will enter into the agreement about the tourist service.

2. Complaints

2.1 If it turnes out that arranged tourist services are insufficient, customers have to inform Dahab Divers without delay. If possible, Dahab Divers will improve the criticized service. If customers will not inform Dahab Divers immediately, they will not be entitled to any refund from Dahab Divers or the local tourist company, if there would have been the chance of improvement.

2.2 Dahab Divers is not reliable for any deficiency of arranged tourist services. In case of a deficient tourist service delivered by a local tourist company claims have to be made directly to the local tourist company.

3. Confirming Your Intention to Purchase


3.1 Phone and Internet

Customers may contact Dahab Divers by phone (0020 69 3640381) for information or booking. They may use the Contact form of the website. Partner agencies and online booking companies may use there own terms.

3.2 Payment

a) A Confirmed Reservation Deposit may be payable by the customer to guarantee reservation. The non-refundable deposit required is 20% of the total price of the booking. The rest of the amount has to be payed at Dahab Divers office cash or by credit card.

b) Final payment to Dahab Divers or dependent tourist companies may be done in cash or by credit card: VISA, Eurocard, American Express and Diners Club, if this kind of payment is offered by the dependent tourist company.

c) Dahab Divers may charge the customer for expenses that credit card companies or banks placed to Dahab Divers in connection with credit card payment. Customers will be informed about these expenses. Dahab Divers further will charge the customer for any expenses out of a refund to the credit company if the payment was not covered.

3.3 Provisional Booking Confirmation

a) If a customer enter into an agreement, Dahab Divers will send a voucher to the customer's mail address. The customer has to present the printed voucher after arrival at Dahab Divers.

b) Vouchers will be sent only by e-mail..

3.4 Changes to Bookings or Cancel Booking

a) If a customer wants to change the agreement with Dahab Divers or cancel the booking, conditions may depend on the terms of the local tourist company. Dahab Divers may charge the customer all expenses out of the change of the agreement.

b) If a customer decides to change the booking at Dahab Divers after he has made his reservation, Dahab Divers will do what will be reasonably done to accommodate the customer but it may not always be possible. The earlier Dahab Divers is informed about changing a date, the bigger the chance for realization.

Booked dive packages or courses can not be transferred to another person. If dive packages or courses can not be used in total because of illness or accidents, there is no obligation for refund.

c) In case of short-term cancelling (within 4 weeks before arrival at Dahab Divers), Dahab Divers may keep the prepaid deposit as compensation for expenses.

4. Insurance

4.1 Dahab Divers does not offer or arrange insurances. It might be useful to sign a travel and dive insurance.

4.2 As a student diver you are covered by our PADI Dive Centre Injury & Assistance Insurance® for dive students.

4.3 Qualified divers should take out their own dive insurance. We also highly recommend that they take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy with cover that includes cancellation, medical, personal liability and effects.


5. Liability Release and Assumption of Risk

5.1 Dahab Divers is not liable for any agreements concerning arranged tourist services. The liability is limited to the arrangement procedure itself.

5.2 Dahab Divers tries to keep all the informations on the website up to date, especially the prices and local restrictions. Informations about arranged tourist services are based on the statements of the suppliers. Dahab Divers can not guarantee for the correctness of these statements.

5.3 All tourist services offered on the website are of limited availability. Dahab Divers can not guarantee the availability of an offer for the preferred date. In this case Dahab Divers will suggest another date or offer per e-mail.

5.4 Dahab Divers is not liable for the contents of linked websites.

5.5 Dahab Divers is not liable for the loss of a voucher sended by e-mail. Customers have to inform Dahab Divers, if they do not get the voucher at the exspected time.

5.6 Dahab Divers is not liable for the loss of any private property in connection with diving activities or arranged tourist services.

5.7 Dahab Divers is not liable for any personal injury or loss because of unforeseen events, that means orders of local authorities, war, kidnapping, acts of terrorism, fire, flood, power failure, accidents, storms, strike or lock-outs concerning the services of Dahab Divers or dependent tourist companies.

5.8 Dahab Divers can not be held liable for and will not be responsible for personal injuries, property damage, or wrongful death that may occur during dive activities, as a result of the inherent risks associated with scuba diving or as a result of acts or omissions of other third parties. Dahab Divers is not liable for risks in dealing with compressed air or nitrox or other breathable gases including acts of third parties.

Scuba diving requires a certification from a recognised diving agency such as PADI or CMAS. It is the customer's responsibility that he is suitably qualified, and provide proof of such qualification upon request, to participate in any diving activities prior to him taking part. Such activities include all diving activities other than PADI Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver Course, or Discover Scuba Diving activities that allow participants to take part without a license.

 6. Visa & Passport

Clients joining a trip to Ras Mohammed, St. Catherine or Luxor need to apply for an Egyptian Visa at Sharm Airport. It is the customer's responsibility that he has a valid passport with the visa stamp prior to take part to such a trip. The visa for Jordan that customers need for the trip to Petra will be issued at the Jordan border.


7. Final terms

7.1 Dahab Divers may change terms and conditions without commiting itself to inform the visitors of this website about changings. The website always contains the actual terms and conditions.

7.2 These terms and conditions contain all agreements between customers and Dahab Divers. Any former terms become invalid with the publication of this terms.

7.3 All agreements between customers and Dahab Divers are under Egyptian law. The legal venue is in El Tur, South Sinai (Egypt).

June 2017